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Nau mai, haere mai/Welcome

Ko Christina Mārie Tay ahau. I am a mediator and restorative practices facilitator based in the Bay of Plenty.

My aim is to work with people in the most uplifting and meaningful way to provide support and resolution in resolving conflict and disputes.

I can work with you kanohi ki te kanohi/face to face or online. I am also available to travel across the motu/New Zealand and the world.

About Christina Tay

Ko Matawhaura te māunga;
Ko Ōhau te awa;
Ko Te Arawa te waka;
Ko Te Arawa tōku iwi;
Ko Ngāti Pikiao tōku hapū;
Ko Te Tākinga tōku marae;
Ko Raimapaha Whakatau tōku māmā;
Ko Ngee Hwee Tay tōku pāpā;
Ko Christina Mārie Tay ahau

After I graduated from Waikato University with conjoint degrees in law and political science I worked in the government sector for a number of years. During this time, I completed my accreditation as a restorative justice facilitator and served as a public member on the NZ Media Council. I headed offshore to complete my masters in mediation and conflict resolution through Strathclyde University in the United Kingdom.

During my time on the master’s programme, I spent a summer school period at East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai and then travelled to Hong Kong to complete research for my master’s dissertation on the role of the Ombudsman.

My work background includes working on large scale projects and programmes within the public sector, along with 14 years working in the banking industry, with 10 of those years in the Agribusiness department of BNZ.

Experience in the dispute resolution field:
  • Organisational Ombudsperson for a large organisation employing thousands of staff
  • Director of Services – employee advisory and resolution services (Te Rauawa)
  • Lead Restorative justice facilitator
  • Chief Employee liaison practitioner across the government sector providing empowerment coaching
  • Senior resolution practitioner: mediation/facilitation/conciliation/adjudication
  • Family Dispute Resolution mediator
  • Workplace/Community group facilitation/mediation/restorative kōrero
  • International Students adjudication
  • NZ Media Council adjudication
  • Trustee and project manager establishing the Māori Allied dispute resolution organisation

Training/qualifications in the dispute resolution field:

  • Masters of mediation and conflict resolution (UK) 2016-2017
  • Restorative Justice facilitator 2014-current
  • 5 day mediation training scholarship from Resolution Institute in 2013

Previous work experience:

  • Public service for about 8 years in Advisor roles before moving into contracting in projects and programmes in a number of different government agencies.
  • Local Government/Community sector.
  • BNZ for 14 years in different roles: sales, service and agribusiness.


  • Masters in mediation and conflict resolution in the UK.
  • Conjoint law and politics degree at Waikato university with a focus on humanitarian law.
  • Summer school period at East China University of law and political science.
  • Hong Kong completing research for my masters dissertation on the role of the ombudsman.

Work with Christina

I am Resolution Institute accredited as a restorative justice facilitator.

I am a member of the International Ombudsman Association and a national and international mentor to peers based in Aotearoa NZ and Japan.

Articles by Christina Tay

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Your listening, helping to affirm my thinking, confirming a strategy, informing what’s available, etc. has made a huge difference to my calm in handling this as I have – step by step, followed a strategy. You have made an amazing difference to this issue and my present balanced state. THANK YOU. 😊

I really appreciate the time you took to speak with me. The amount of emotional intelligence and grace you presented is something I aspire to achieve someday.

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